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Dial Air Berlin Flight Reservation Number For Quick Help

Direct Phone Number: Air Berlin Airlines customer service booking phone number 1(877) 285-3426 (Talk to human)

Call Time: Air Berlin Airlines customer Reservation Average Wait: 5 mins

Talk to human: Air Berlin Airlines Reservation Directly.

Independent Reservation* : +1-877-287-1365 1(877) 285-3426 (Talk to human)

Call Time: +1-877-287-1365 Average Wait: 2 mins

For online help: Air Berlin Airlines booking phone number Air Berlin Airlines Reservation Phone Number

Company URL: Air Berlin Airlines Resevation https://www.airberlin.com

Useful tools number to call: Air Berlin Airlines contact number Call via web

Air Berlin Booking Phone Number

Air Berlin And Other Major Details About It

Air Berlin is Germany second largest airlines service in terms of passengers and the total number of flights. Users could get also desired facilities that they generally desire for. This specific airlines has it’s service in around seventeen German cities including some of the European metropolitan cities. Users could afford the service for both national and international locations. Air Berlin takes care about it’s users and provide the most comfortable seats that users would not feel any type of inconvenience.

Users should now take a look on solving the booking process with Air Berlin through contacting over the Air Berlin booking phone number-

  • Users should first go over the booking link for Air Berlin airlines
  • It is require the push the button for “Reservation”
  • It is require to choose the location through the users
  • Users need to enter the below given details:

What is the type of trip?
Place that would be visit through users
Travellers who are going through the flight
Fee for the flight

Information for the billing address

  • The button for “Search” need to be selected through users
  • The button for “Select” need to be choosed through the users
  • It is require to enter the button for “Continue”
  • It is require to enter the details such as date of birth, name and other major details
  • Furthermore the button for “Continue” need to be choosed  
  • Users now need to choose the seats
  • Users may now tap the “Continue” button
  • The “Purchase” need to be choosed for buying the tickets and for any inconvenience users need to contact upon Air Berlin reservation phone number.
  • Users need to check the information that it has been entered correctly or not
  • The process of booking through the Air Berlin has now got complete

What is the baggage policy for the Air Berlin airlines?

It has been recommended to the users through the airways that they should not carry extra weight. For the situations users carry extra weight than that has been recommended they would charge through the penalty money. Normally it has been found that for carry-on luggage the maximum weight that could be carried is around 7kgs in which the items would be around two where one would be personal. For the checked-in bags the maximum weight would be around 23kgs and the size should be around 62 inch. Moreover users could see the guidelines over the website of Air Berlin and for the situations users wants more confirmation they need to call upon helpline number that could be found on the website. Users may also collect the confirmation about the flight status and other required details.

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