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Norton is an antivirus and it helps in protecting the device and managing it as easy as adding a new device in your Norton account. To install or reinstall the Norton product that is registered to the account and user needs to contact the customer service and follow the instructions.

The instructions provided are for the Safari browser for the Mac device. If the user has another browser or if they want to install the Norton product on another device then he or she needs to download the Norton product. To download and install the Norton product on Mac using Safari, the user needs to go to norton.com/setup. If the user is already signed in then he or she can use the email address and password and start using immediately or else he or she will be prompted to sign in after creating the account. Then in the Setup window the user needs to click Download Norton. To install a new product which is not registered to the user Norton account he or she needs to click Enter a New Product Key and then type the product key and click. Then Click Agree & Download. Then on the top-right corner of the browser user needs to double-click to Install Norton product and click Open to start the Norton product installation. Finally in the Norton product window the user need to click Agree & Install. Following the on-screen instructions the user can the needful. Then they see the message "No license available". To fix this problem the user needs to check if he or she has the Norton product installed on any unused device. If the Norton product is already installed on a device which is no longer in use then the user can sign in to the Norton account to reclaim the Norton product license.

To remove license from an unused computer the user needs to Sign In to Norton to update the license information. Under Services he or she needs to select the Norton product that needs to be installed on the computer. Then under Manage My Installs, in the Remove License column the user needs to click the trash can icon next to the device that he or she no longer uses and then click OK.

If the user can remove an unused device from the install count then he or she enjoys an additional activation available. 

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