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Dial CenturyLink Support Number For Quick Help

  1. Direct Phone Number: CenturyLink customer service support phone number +1(802) 455-4069 (Talk to human)
  2. Call Time: CenturyLink customer support 7AM–9PM (ET) Mon.–Fri.
  3. Talk to human: CenturyLink support Direct to human.
  4. Independent Support* : 1-877-478-6650 +1(802) 455-4069 (Talk to human)
  5. Call Time: 1-877-478-6650 Average Wait: 1 min (24 hours, 7 days), also available on Holidays.
  6. For online help: CenturyLink customer service number CenturyLink Customer Care
  7. Company URL: CenturyLink customer services http://www.CenturyLink.com/home/
  8. Useful tools number to call: CenturyLink contact number Call via web

CenturyLink Customer Service Phone Number

Call CenturyLink Support Phone Number for Trusted Customer Support

There are several individuals who are are registered to Centurylink email account for its unique and fantastic features. This email service is a reliable email service which is liked by its users for the introduction of many useful features. Despite of the fact that it has attractive features to offer, a lot of users feel dejected when they face some issues related to their email account. At this time, they feel tensed as they do not know the ways to get rid of these problems. Some of the problems they can be affected with are as below:-

Basic Centurylink Glitches

  1. Password associated issues
  2. Hacked email problems
  3. Mail server error issues
  4. Email not syncing issues
  5. Spam mail issues

Calling Centurylink Phone Number

Apart from these issues, there is a set of other issues which can be faced by the Centurylink users. However the removal of these issues can be easily done by the help of customer support officials who can be contacted by the Centurylink users by calling on Centurylink phone number which is easy to dial by them. The team of adept technical officers is always ready for you to fix your issues whatever your issues are.

They have the knowledge of the best ways to remove the technical troubles faced by you. The email users who are on the lookout for the perfect methodologies to counter their issues can trust on these customer support officials as they can fix these problems within a short time. These representatives first understand the issues of the users and then proceed to provide them easy ways to tackle their problems. Hence if you need efficient yet economic tech support services for your Centurylink email problems, then dial our Centurylink support phone number directly.

How do I contact CenturyLink billing?

To pay your bill by phone, call 800-244-1111
  1. Use a bank account when making a one-time payment using the automated phone system.
  2. Enroll in AutoPay for fee-free automatic monthly payments by credit card, debit card, savings account, or checking account.

How do I get CenturyLink on my phone?

Contact agents via phone or chat for your convenience. To speak with a CenturyLink customer service representative, call 1-866-642-0444.

How do I get a human at CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is a service provider of internet and phone. To get an efficient and superior quality phone and internet connection for business and professional purposes, install CenturyLink at your home and office. You can use CenturyLink services with good speed without any disruption. Read on to know the advantages of CenturyLink services and the modes to contact CenturyLink customer service for installation.

Benefits of subscribing to CenturyLink:

  • For faster and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity at home and office.
  • For reasonable rates with an extended period of subscription
  • The 24/7 customer support to provide guidance and support to fix the glitches and connections.
  • You can enjoy numerous activities like games, movies, video chats, etc.
  • If you want to change home or office, CenturyLink will provide for the transfer of the connection instantly, which is free of cost.

Ways to reach Centurylink:

On the phone: To acquire new services from CenturyLink or to fix an issue with an existing connection, you can contact the customer support and get appropriate assistance on time. The customer support is available all the time to fix the issues and give the smooth functioning of the services. To connect on CenturyLink Technical support phone number, try the following steps:

  • Dial 866 963 6665
  • The IVR will connect the call.
  • Begin with choosing your preferred language
  • Then choose the number for your queries.
  • The option for connecting with a customer support person can also be taken to have a conversation in detail regarding the services as per the requirements.

On live chat: To connect with a CenturyLink customer support person, you can use the online chat service and get assistance through text messages. The CenturyLink person will deal with your queries and clarify your doubts instantly. To start the live chat, try the steps below:

  • Got to centurylink.com
  • select the “contact Us’ tab on the homepage
  • Reach the page that has all the contact options
  • Choose and click on the chat icon 
  • A chat window will appear
  • Write your message on the chat window
  • Send it to the customer service person.

On social media: CenturyLink welcomes customers to their social media handles and connects with the customer support through the pages. To know about the discounts, deals, and offers from CenturyLink, visit the following pages:

  • Facebook messenger http://m.me/CenturyLink, you can send messages and requests on this page and get a quick response from the customer service. 
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id=22149608

With these above ways, you can talk to a person at customer support and discuss the concerns. However, try the other modes of contact, which are as follows:

Contact form: suppose you spoke to a CenturyLink person about the problems you are facing with the connection, but the issue stands unresolved. In that case, you can fill out and submit the form available on the official webpage of CenturyLink and get assistance within a short period.

Appreciation form: You can send your appreciation note to CenturyLink on a given form and connect with the customer service to add more benefits to your subscription.

Additionally, you can download the CenturyLink App on your phone to get better connectivity with email and other ways besides centurylink Contact number for assistance on your internet services.

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