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How do I associate a Google Account with Windows 10?

Operating windows 10 is an easy task and working on google account is easier when it comes with the windows 10. Sometimes it happens that users find an error 0x8007042b which appears while working on the google account on windows 10 causing trouble to users in their work. When users open gmail account in windows 10 then rather than opening the account and asking for credentials an error will occur. 

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In such case, users are required to follow the given steps and resolve their issues

  • Go to the users folder in C drive
  • After right click open properties 
  • Go to the security section and then to advanced
  • Select add then entity and then advanced followed by search
  • Select open all application package accept 
  • Select full control and apply
  • Select start and then type services
  • Right click on services and select run as administrator
  • In services windows look for credential manager service and stop it
  • Restart the computer and start credential manager service set it to automatic
  • Restart computer

After restarting the computer, users will be able to work easily and access google account on windows 10. Users should also create one time password rather than having two way authentications. Also create an IMAP account for google account. 

If any such issues arise then users are advised to contact the experts of google immediately which could be by visiting its support page or by contacting the support team through call. There they will get a proper solution and overcome their issues. As such issues are technical and require proper solution, if users try to resolve them on their own then it might get worsen. Experts are available quickly for users and have the best solution for their issues and ensure proper solution for the issues reported to them.

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