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Is it easy to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to online?

  1. QuickBooks online was launched that runs with safari web browser and it makes the work of users go easy. Now it’s easy for the users to run multi user version of QuickBooks and have backups and software update.
  2. QuickBooks is also available for iphone users which is however basically a read only app and for Mac users of QuickBooks they need not to wait long for the updates to the mac version of QuickBooks.
  3. Installation of QuickBooks is an easy practice while it is a bit complicated to convert existing QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks online file.
  4. Converting QuickBooks for Mac file to QucikBook online is not that difficult. Users can not directly convert QuickBook for Mac file to QuickBook online. Its a intermediate step to convert Mac file to windows file and begins with the drop down menu in QuickBooks Mac. Here are some easy steps helping users to do so,

Select the file menu

  1. Now select back up to QuickBooks for windows
  2. On completion of this process, file is sent to QuickBook and user will receive a notification of the completion of the process. It takes minimum of 30 minutes to complete the whole process.
  3. In case users do not get the notification of the completion process, it is advised to them to contact the tech support team and get assistance from them related to the issue.
  4. It provides a great ease to users and enhance them with the facility to work from anywhere and automatic backup.
  5. It is a helpful and important tool to run and monitor business and makes the users upgraded on professional front.
  6. There are two things which users should keep in mind is that the QuickBooks online does not support inventory applications currently and the conversion may require services accountant to affect the smooth transition to QuickBooks online platform.

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