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How to fix issues related to network connection in Windows 10?  

The recent most updated version of Windows, Windows 10 has captured a special place in the heart of users with its new fascinating features all around the world. Though WINDOWS 10 is undoubtedly a widely appreciated version of Microsoft windows worldwide, but since technical glitches are something which is unavoidable, Windows 10 provides its users a permanent and all time viable customer support available 24*7. No doubt Windows 10 has fantastic features to make users ‘ experience better in computer system, but there are many users who face technical errors and hindrances in gaining the experience of innumerous interesting features.

There are diverse issues which a user might face with Windows 10 though. But if you’re one of those unfortunate users who are facing any sort of difficulties with network connection in Windows 10, then you can now have a sigh of relief. Here are some quick fixes of issues you may encounter with network connection in Windows 10.

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  1. Check for issues with ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If your Windows 10 causing problem in connecting to internet then you must check with Internet Service Provider once to resolve issues. Follow these steps in order to gain knowledge how you can really do that.

  1. Press the Start menu and click on All Programs, scroll down and expand window system
  2. You will see an option of Command Prompt right click on it, select run as administrator and then tap on Yes.
  3. In the space given, type ipconfig and tap on Enter.
  4. Now, check the IP address written right next to Default Gateway option, and Note it Down
  5. Enter your ping in the space given to type ping along with the IP address, for instance 192:168:0:1 and press enter.
  6. If you didn’t see any result than you just contact you’re ISP.

Uninstall your Network Adapter

To uninstall the Network Adapter, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In order to uninstall the network adapter, right click on the Windows icon, go to Device Manager and select it
  • Uninstall the network adapter by right clicking on the icon under the option “Network Adapters”.    
  • Now, all you need to do is select Action then click on Scan for hardware changes. Windows will automatically find your updated Ethernet version.

Update your drivers

Do away with issues in network connection by updating your system’s drivers, specifically, your motherboard and Ethernet drivers. Take a look of the manufacturer’s website of your brand of motherboard and install the drivers according to your specific model. A user must ensure that the current Ethernet drivers are apt for your motherboard installed.

Restore the network adapter driver

In your internet connection is not able to connect on Windows 10, then go to Search box and enter Device manager. Select the option once you see the Device Manager in the next window pane. Now select Network Adapter, right click on it and go to option “Properties”. Now reaching to the last stage of process, select the Driver Tab and then click on Roll Back Driver. If you can see button and it shows unavailable then it means there is no driver to be rolled back. Restart your system going on Start menu after rolling it back.

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