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Fix Sync errors With The Gmail Android App?

Gmail is one of the products of Google, and by which you can send webmail to your family and friends. And this can be used by a web browser and mobile application. And while syncing the Gmail android app, you are getting an error, then read to the beneath, you will have the common issue with the solutions.

Common issues 

  • You are not getting the notification of new mail.

  • If you are unable to send mail or it gets stuck in process.

  • Receiving the notification on your device like your account is not synced.


  • Check the cellular data plan.

  • Inspect the device storage

  • Try switching on and off airplane mode. 

  • Scrutinized Gmail sync settings:- If you are facing this issue, follow the step mentioned here, and you might be able to fix it.

  • Open your Gmail application and sign in to your account.

  • Then click on the menu icon and select setting options.

  • After that, click on your account.

  • Further, click on the sync Gmail box if it has not been checked.

  • Delete Gmail data:- Applying the methods mentioned earlier when you get a Gmail sync error in your mobile application. This option might be helpful for you.

  • Get to your setting application.

  • Then click on the app and notification option, then select app info.

  • After that, click on the Gmail application and select the storage option.

  • Now tap on the clear data option.

  • Then restart your device.

Common Gmail Problems and How to Solve them.

When you are using Gmail for communication, but you are having a problem. Further, if you need help getting rid of your problem, then get to the bottom because here, you will have the common Gmail problem with their solution.

Gmail is unable to open.

When you are using Gmail through the web browser, but you cannot load it. Then try applying the solution stated below, and you might be able to access your Gmail.

  • Update your web directory

  • Clear the cache

  • Close another tab.

Credential issues 

While using Gmail, if you are facing a credential issue, then by recovering the account, you might be able to resolve that.

  • Open your Gmail

  • Then type your user name and click on the forget password option.

  • Now choose from the email or phone option to get the verification code.

  • After that, enter the verification code.

  • Then create a new password and restart your Gmail.

  • Further, log in with the new credential.

Gmail not syncing

Sometimes it also happens that your Gmail account automatically turns off your sync, and you might not be able to receive emails in time. Then you can try to check the sync option of your Gmail and settings. Moreover, if this is not able to solve your issue, then check your internet connection as well as your device storage.

Account hacking 

While using Gmail, one of the common issues is that your account gets hacked by the unknown and if you have the same issue, change your username and password. By then, you access your account back. And for detecting this issue, here are a few consequences for that:

  • You will be unable to log in to your account.

  • When you receive the alert with the unrecognized device.

  • If you track the unknown IP address in your log.

Is Gmail not working?

When your Gmail is not working, then by applying the solution written here, you might be able to fix that.

  • By clearing the cache 

  • Check the internet connection for a valid plan.

  • Close and open again 

  • Restart the device; you are using Gmail.

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