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Is Gmail server down today?

Everyone is familiar with Gmail and its services. And Gmail is the free web-based email service that is developed and managed by Google. With its instant action, easy and time-saving user interface, people are keen to use the email service, This email now not only is used to send or receive email but also performs many other functions like creating documents, presentation, maintaining the records and much more.

Also, Inbox by Gmail is a great platform for experimenting with various features related to email. And with so many advanced options in the email, people use the inbox enthusiastically taking the mailing experience to another level. Earlier the news was being circulated in the digital market of Gmail inbox going away. And if you are also searching for the truth then you are in the right place. Let us discuss the points that lead to this and also whether it is truth or just a rumour doing the rounds.

How can I speed up my Gmail?

8 tips and tricks to speed up Gmail
  1. Kill the chat window. 
  2. Reduce the number of email conversations shown in your inbox.
  3. Archive your emails.
  4. Reduce the number of inbox tabs.
  5. Take it easy with the browser extensions.
  6. Use an ad blocker.
  7. Use the HTML-only version of Gmail.
  8. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Inbox Disappearing? Truth or Rumour?

Ever since Gmail launched its Inbox application in April 2014, people became advanced with the consistent changes and updates in the application. And now when people have changed themselves with the changing technology, Gmail is thinking to go back to the usual email.

And the truth is that Gmail will now close the personalized Inbox by Gmail application by the end of March 2019. And with this Gmail will switch to some of its old features which are discussed below.

  1. Launched in April 2014, people got the new experience altogether by connecting to Gmail.
  2. With the Gmail inbox features, people got the chance to make their email experience more personalized like snoozing the email landed to later, trying smart replies, high priorities notification, Nudges etc.
  3. A new Gmail is introduced in April this year and will soon be active. And with this new Gmail, the people can prepare to bear the loss of Inbox by Gmail going away.  
  4. We can understand that change is hard but you also know that change is for the good. And in case any of the users are not able to understand the changes then he may refer to the transition guide to help the user switch to a new email.

Still Confused? Google Support is here For You!

In case the user is still confused with the news, then the user is free to call Google customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active so that the user can get in touch at any time without hesitation.

Why has Gmail gotten so slow?
Poor performance in Gmail can usually be fixed by troubleshooting the browser. Try the following steps: Make sure you are using a supported browser and that it's up to date. Learn how to update Chrome Browser.
Why does Gmail take so long to receive emails?
The reason for this is pretty straight-forward – GMail is analyzing how frequently you receive email at each account, and schedules its checks based on this. What if Google Could Not Verify This Account Belongs To You? this to reduce strain on their servers, as checking for new messages for every account more frequently would require much more in the way of resources.

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