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Hotmail Not Accepting Emails

Email is an integral part of personal and official communication. Email is used for sending links, files, images or any other valuable or personal data. A large number of free web based email service providers are present today. Hotmail is Gmail’s closest rival. It has around 400 million users. It is the first free web based service. It can support a file transfer of upto 10GB. It was launched in 1996 by Microsoft.

It has a security algorithm which provides top-level security to Hotmail. It has features such as document viewer, editor and sharing, image exchange and a number of more features. It has an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. Undoubtedly it is one of the best advancements in the internet service today. Microsoft makes changes to it on a regular basis, which include updates for its interface and a number of features. You get the option of customizing your account and perform real time document collaboration. It started off with a limited built-in storage which was eventually increased. There was no other online source of communication at the time when Hotmail was launched.

Why is my outlook not receiving emails?

If your Outlook profile is corrupt, it can cause you to stop receiving emails. Creating a new profile and setting it up with your email account can solve the problem. Choose Manage Profiles from the drop-down list. Click OK on the Outlook Will Close message.

Like every web based service, Hotmail to faces a number of issues. Some issues are:

  • Attachments not visible
  • Downloading the attachments
  • Syncing Hotmail account to Mac.
  • Configuring Hotmail to windows.
  • Change in browsing speed after Hotmail installation.
  • Configuring Hotmail to iPhone.
  • Hotmail not receiving emails on android.
  • Re-installing Hotmail account on iPhone.
  • Problems in exchanging mails.

To get a solution from these issues. You need to get proper technical assistance from Hotmail customer service. There have been a lot of instances when users have complained that ‘my Hotmail account is not receiving emails’, it is one of the most recurring issues that plague Hotmail. A remedy for that is:

  • Make sure that the SPF/SIDF records are in place. One can also go to the Sender ID Home Page for more information regarding the same.
  •  Clean up your lists. Remove the unwanted recipients from the emails. Hotmail also provides a sender complaint feedback loop program called the Junk

Email Reporting Program. Enrollment in this free program will benefit you as a sender as it will keep your email lists updated and populated with interested Windows he queries solved customer support helpline number can be called as it is a toll-free service which is available 24*7 for its users.                  

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