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How can I Add or Install Fonts to Google Docs?

A Google doc is the online word processor that includes as a part of the free, web-based Google Docs that is offered by Google. The Google doc includes Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google Slides, and Google Sites & Google Forms.

If you want to access Google docs, then it is possible through an internet browser as a web-based application & also available as a mobile app on Android & IOS & also as a desktop application too. Now if you are looking to know about How can I Add Fonts to Google Docsso that with very easy steps fonts get uploaded into your Google docs without any issue.

Then for that, you need to just go through these steps that are mentioned below for your help & guidance;

  1. At first you will have to go to the docs.new & open any of your document
  2. Then at the top you will have to click on more fonts from the toolbar this will prompt a window will appear on the screen
  3. Then you have to select any other font that you want from that column, and then click ok when finished
  4. Those selected fonts then get added to your main list automatically.

So, by following these simple steps you will be easily adding more & more fonts into your Google Docs.

Now there is one more way or method through which you can add more fonts to Google docs with the Extensis fonts. For that just follow the key points to add fonts from the second method;

  1. First you have to download the extensis fonts add-on from the Google page
  2. Then you have to install the extensis fonts & click on continue for agree to the permissions
  3. Then select the Google account you want to associate with the add-on
  4. Then you have to click allow to agree on the with the requirements
  5. Now reload your Google doc & then click on add-ons, dropdown from the main toolbar
  6. Then you have to simply select the extensis fonts & then on start
  7. Then at last highlight your text then from the extensis fonts that are on the right side of the page select the font
  8. And your highlighted text will get the same as that font immediately.

Now if you are looking to get your fonts to add to your Google docs mobile, then for that you need to follow these steps that will help you to add fonts into your Google docs for your mobile or tablet;

  1. First on your mobile or on a tablet, open any document in the google docs app
  2. Then just tap on edit
  3. Now double-tap the place in your document that you want to edit, then move the markers so as to select more & more content
  4. Then tap format & tap on next
  5. Now in the menu, tap on style, font, size, text color, or highlight color so that you can format your font.

With this efficient way, you can very easily know that How do you add fonts to Google Docs app, so that you can also efficiently know the process of changing fonts on both PC & on your mobile or tablets.

Are we allowed to upload our own fonts in Google Docs?

No, it is not possible to upload custom fonts to Google docs. Because docs use special web-based fonts since it is a cloud-based app, which is developed by Google. But you are not permitted for the Can you upload your own fonts in Google Docs, because it has different criteria that are based for fonts.

Instead of this, you can only have permission to add the add fonts from the docs.new toolbar & you can also download the fonts with the help of Google web browser.

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