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How Do I Delete My Gmail Email Account Search History?

Gmail is one of the biggest email service providers that has been working since 2004. It has millions of users who want to use its service to finish their personal or business goals. Many people use Gmail by searching names or email addresses to find some emails. They need to remove that Gmail account history. For this, the only official way is to delete the history of your Gmail account.

You can achieve that by using numerous methods that various users can employ. Be it online or offline, Gmail is offering all options to you for detailing the search history. You can easily perform that by using the Gmail Phone Number and get assistance from the experts of Gmail and to obtain support. However, many users prefer the online method for deleting the searches of Gmail accounts.

How To Delete Gmail Email History Via Online Method?

You can easily delete Gmail by using either a desktop or mobile device to remove that completely. Deleting Gmail history allows you to clear some cache memory also from your device. Here, you need to perform that by using the methods that are defined below.

Delete Gmail Email Search History On Desktop

  • Log in to your Gmail account by using the correct username/Gmail ID and Account Password.

  • Click on the search mail bar and get information about your latest searches on your screen.

  • Select any query and go to the X icon that will appear on the right side and click on that to remove searches.

  • Moreover, you can also visit the google.com/history web page and select Filter By Date and Product.

  • Choose Gmail and get the whole information about its searching history and delete some or all of it.

Delete Gmail Email Search History On Android

  • Launch the Gmail app on the Android device by tapping on its icon on the home screen.

  • Open Menu and click on the Settings option located in the bottom of this list.

  • In General Settings, tap on the three vertical dots located on the top-right side of the device screen.

  • Select the Clear Search History button and finish it by confirming your action by selecting the clear option in the pop-up.

How To Delete Gmail Email History Via Customer Service?

  • Dial the official Gmail support phone number to contact its official support team.

  • Press 7 to know additional information about the Gmail account and connect to its representative.

  • Talk to him and request the removal of Gmail account history and give other details.

  • Provide details about your username and password and ask him to assist you in removing your history.

  • Get information from him that will help you to know more about the removal of account history.

  • Use those details carefully and remove the history of your Gmail account by using any device.

By using the methods that are given above, you can easily remove the search history of your Gmail account. If you want to know more about How To Delete Gmail Email Search History, contact Gmail support by using live chat. Gain information from them that will help you to attain search history.

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