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How do I enable Gmail on Google Workspace?

Google launches Google workspace, which is an updated version of G-suite. You can enjoy various features of Google workspace for free if you have a Gmail account. So, if talking about how do I enable Gmail on Google workspace? You can read the complete information given in the content below.

  1. Different ways to enable Gmail on Google workspace
  2. You can enable your Gmail on Google by yourself; you can also get assistance from the Google support Team. Let's go into detail to make it more transparent.
  3. Turn Gmail on or off for Gmail users.

Being an administrator, you can get Gmail turned On and Off for some or all users in your team.

  1. Before you start, make sure that you have turned a service on or off some users, add their account in an organizational unit to access the group.
  2. At first sign in or log in to your Google Admin console, make sure you sign in using your administrator account
  3. On the admin console homepage, open the Apps Google workspace Gmail.
  4. Click on the option stating Service Status.
  5. To turn on and turn off service for everyone in the organization, click ON and OFF and hit save.

The optional ways to turn service on or off for an organizational unit is as follows

Select the organizational unite at left

v  Go to the tab on or off and select it

v  If the services for the parent organization are changed, you can click on the tab override

v  If the override is already set on the organization unite, you can select any given options below.

  1. Inherit- to get reverts for the same setting as the parent
  2. Save- It saves a new setting, even if the parent setting changes
  3. To turn on service for limited users across or within the organizational unit, you must select an access group.

You can follow the steps above to enable Gmail on the workspace. If you have any issues, you can contact the Gmail customer service phone number to get instant assistance.

If you turn on Gmail service only, it will not start mail delivery to people's Gmail account. You will first have to assign a user account to everyone and then shift your mail delivery to Google servers.

Turning off Gmail for your organization

  1. If you want to stop using your domain's business address with Gmail, you can redirect mail flow to the email service that you want to use.
  2. If your domain's MX record is pointed to Google service, you can update the records to point to the server that has to receive your mail. 
  3. If you turn off Gmail, your messages might not get delivered, whereas MX records are directed to Google servers.

By reading the information, above you got the answer to your query. If you have any problem during the process, you can speak to the Google phone number to clear your doubts anytime. The customer support teams at Google are available 24/7 to assist with your queries.

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