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How do I fix Gmail not sending emails?

One of the google products – Gmail- is vital in connecting the world through its comprehensive email-sending feature. It is accessible to all billions of users worldwide. All the workspace's functioning has become very smooth since Gmail stepped into the market. But it may sometimes acquire some faults and become unable to operate. Then you need to fix it. You can refer to the text given in this article in this regard.

Why are my emails going to outbox and not sending Gmail?

Various factors work in the proper functioning of Gmail, so these factors can become multiple reasons why Gmail not sending emails. Here are some reasons that have been summed up:

  • There could be a temporary server-side issue by virtue of which the sen emails are accumulated in the outbox.
  • Some issues could be with the application, connection, or poorly configured POP/SMTP server.
  • There could be some antivirus issues.
  • Or in your device software itself.
  • Whatever the issue may be, you need to fix them quickly. You will find various solutions to improve your Gmail in the text below.
  • Let us look at the different solutions to fix Gmail email sending issues.

These Gmail softwares are to be taken care of as they can get some issues due to various reasons, so if you are looking to find how do I fix Gmail not sending emails, then you are suggested to go through the below-given bullet points.

  1. Correctly Configure the Gmail server. 

You ned to ensure that you are properly signed in and are using appropriate ports as POP/SMTP 

  1. Clear Server's Cache and data

The best first step is to clean the locally stored cache data to resolve the usual issues. This way, the file will remain safe, and the loading will speed up. 

You need to clear a large cache and data that can be sure more bad than good, slow down the app, and make it fail to initiate or crash. Hence here are the steps you can follow to clear the Cache.

  • Go and open the Settings option.
  • You have to choose Apps.
  • Now open App Manager
  • Then All apps, or Manage apps.
  • Here it would help if you located Gmail.
  • Now you need to tap Storage.
  • Now you can clear Cache and then tap Clear Data.
  1. Reinstalling the Gmail

To combat a situation like unable to send email, you are advised to follow these steps to reinstall Gmail on your Android handset:

  • You need to navigate the Settings. 
  • Go to  Apps 
  • Choose Gmail.
  • Tap to Uninstall or Uninstall updates.
  • Now you can open the Play Store and locate Gmail.
  • Here you can install Gmail and reboot your device.
  1. Remove the Google Account and add it again.

You are also recommended to remove your google account and then add it again. Do not worry. You will not lose your data as you can upload it to the cloud. Hence you can freely follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Settings option
  • Now choose Accounts.
  • Here you need to select Google.
  • Hit the More button and remove the Google account.


To get more help you can go to the official support page of Gmail. You can also call its helpline number to get more precise assistance.

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