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How do I fix Netgear Not Working?

When your Netgear is not functioning properly, you can find the different reasons behind it. However, it is challenging to find which one belongs to you. But, in this write up, you can find the ways to How do I fix Netgear not working? You can read all of them and apply them to resolve the issue fast. 

Top ways to fix Netgear not working issue 

Certain methods do not need perfection and are easy to direct. Make sure you try one after another and see which one work for you. 

  • Change the Netgear position 

If you have put the Netgear far away from the system, you should move it closer. You can find that the network strength varies, so it can help you to solve the issue fast. While doing this, make sure you turn the router off. If you are using the wireless one, then you don’t have to turn it off. It is a basic one, so you can start with this one. 

  • Reset the Netgear router 

When changing the position does not work for you, then you can reset the router. It is how you can turn the router to how it was when you first used it. It works well in case of forgetting the password. Now, you can see the option where you can use the default option like password and username. For reset, you can press the power button for 30 seconds and then it will automatically start the reset process. 

  • Try to switch DNS server 

It is the most common thing that leads the router to face such an issue. Here when the DNS server is corrupted or not working at optimum speed, you may face such an issue. Now, you can switch them with another DNS and see it is working or not. 

  • Alter the Antenna 

It does not matter what kind of router you are using; every router needs an antenna to work. Here you can find that antenna is damaged; you can replace it with a new one. It can make a huge difference, and replacing the antenna is not a difficult task. However, if you fail to do this, then you can rely on the support person. 

  • Check built-in software 

You can see which type of software your current Netgear is using. If it is outdated, then you should use the latest version. It will make the entire network safe and secure, reducing the chances of hacking and solving the issue fast. For this, you can contact the Netgear support person and get real-time support from an expert. 

It is How Do I Fix My Netgear Wireless Router? So you can also repair the Netgear and let it work again. But, for support, you must be aware of the methods that are mentioned below. 

Top methods to contact the Netgear support person 

  • Netgear support person via phone number 

It is the first and most effective way to get the person and get the solution fast. Further, you can readily explain the problem and know the answer fast. 

  • Netgear support person via live chat  

Herewith live chat, you can expect a quick response as you can get on the phone. But, only with the help of messages, still, it is quite an effective way. 

So, you can see Netgear Router Customer service method and must have learned about the ways to resolve it. The major benefit you can get from this is that it is available the whole day. 

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