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How do I get my own 1 800 number?

A plethora of options is available to get a toll-free number for your business. There are many advantages of using a toll-free number and a few of them are listed down below; 

  • Brand identity. 

Toll-free number users are able to build a better brand identity for their products and services. A toll-free number is easy to learn thus consumers are always connected with you and your brand. 

  • Better customer experience. 

Users are able to use the toll-free number and enjoy a smooth experience. It is not only easy to remember but also offers support without having to spend a penny. 

  • Marketing measure. 

To have an 1800 number for your business, allow business owners to measure their marketing ROI. 

  • Analysis. 

Better and profound analysis can be drawn using the 1800 number. The toll-free number allows business owners to track, record and analyse calls for upgrading performance.

Three benefits are never-ending, however, the main question is  Can I create an 1800 number? Let us try and find what needs to be done. 

The toll-free number could be taken using the following ways that are mentioned down under; 

  • Get a Toll free number on rent. 

Business owners can rent an 1800 number to start the toll-free services for their customers. Cloudeshope is one such destination that offers the right avenue to start with an 1800 number. 

On the Cloudeshope dashboard, you will be able to customise the call flow to get a personalised experience with the number. You could also come up with an IVR greeting for the number and this is p[recisely what the consumers will hear when they try o reach you using the toll-free number. 

You could also add office hours and on top of this, you could also start with a voicemail option. 

  1. As a final step, owners need to publish the number to start the flow of calls. Publish the number on your website and other mediums so that consumers are able to find it in order to connect with you.
  2. Apart from Cloudeshope, owners could also get a free number on the Global Call Forwarding website. You can buy the toll-free numbers on the websites for multiple countries. 
  3. The toll-free numbers are for free if the consumers are calling from the same country. For instance, consumers calling from the UK can call a UK number for free. 

Multiple benefits are associated with having an 1800 number to get started with your business calls with the consumers. Call tracking, recording, simple IVR steps and much more are pros of having a toll free number. 

How much does it cost to own a 1 800 number?

As far as the cost of an 1800 number is concerned, users are charged monthly and the rentals start from USD 12.95 a month. It may vary deepening on the provider and owners could check the listings before burying the number for their business. 

The customers calling on the toll-free numbers are not charged anything, however, the owner has to pay a monthly charge for operating the number. This is collected by the platform providing the toll free number for usage.

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