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How do I Recover My Old Google Account Password?

If you are looking for ways to recover your old Google account password, there are many ways. You can recover any Google account using both android phones as well as using any web browser. You can also contact Google customer service. Read the content below thoroughly to get detailed information.

How to recover Google account password Smartphone?

Whenever you follow the recovery process, you need to go through two main steps. One is the verification process and, the other is to reset a new password. Let's see how you can do it.

  1. Open your Gmail application on your phone
  2. Enter the login details
  3. Enter your username or phone number in the username column
  4. In the password section, keep it blank and click on the forgot password button
  5. Now, you will get moved to a new screen, where you can either enter your last password
  6. But if you don't remember it, you can opt for a verification process
  7. The verification process requires either your phone number or registered email id to receive the verification code
  8. Now enter the phone number to receive the code and click next
  9. In the next screen, you have to enter the verification code that you have received on your phone
  10. Once your account is verified, you have to reset a new password in the next step.
  11. Type the new password on the password restoration page, re-enter it and click on confirm. Finally, you have successfully changed your Google account password. You can now log in again to your account anytime using the new password.

On the verification page, if you don't remember the registered email id or phone number. You can also opt for the security question option; answer the security question on the screen. Giving the correct answer, you will now redirect to the password recovery page. There you can reset your password to recover your account.

How to recover Google account password when using any web browser?

  1. Visit any of the web browsers
  2. Open the Gmail login page
  3. On the screen, enter the email id or registered phone number
  4. Click on the forgot password link and hit next
  5. Now you will be moved to a new web page, where you need to enter the last password
  6. In case if you have forgotten the last password also, you can go for the verification process
  7. In this step, choose any of the verification methods out of all the options given
  8. You can enter your registered mail id or phone to get a verification code
  9. Else you can also opt for the option, that is I will answer my security question
  10. Now, if you enter the phone number, you will receive a verification code on it
  11. Enter that verification code on the new screen and click next
  12. Now, a new window will pop up on the screen, where you have to reset the new password.
  13. Choose the strong password as per Google guideline
  14. Re-enter it into the next column and confirm
  15. Now you can log in your Google account anytime using the new password.

Now, most people are not savvy and find it difficult to recover the password themselves. In that case, Google customer service is for you only. You can get in touch with the Google customer support team by connecting via Gmail contact number. You can visit the Google customer support page to get the contact details.


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