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How do I restore my Google account to a previous date?

It is not possible to restore a Google account to a previous date. This is because Google does not have any option of restoring a Google account to a previous date based on the state of the Google account on that particular date.

We can imagine that Google has a plethora of services and all of them carry vast amounts of data for every individual user. So if Google will have to keep copies of the data for every different date and time it will create an enormous and unbearable load on the Google servers and also the Google employees.

So because of the Sisyphean difficulty of this task and because of how unimaginable the work involved would be, Google does not keep copies of the user’s accounts for every particular date and time and because of this it is not possible to restore a Google account to a previous date.

So the answer to the question that How do I restore my Google account to a previous date? Is that it is not possible to restore a Google account to a previous date.

Recovering a Recently Deleted Google Account -

What is possible is that if you have deleted your Google account recently, you might be able to recover it provided that it has not been a very long time since you deleted it.

  1. If you are able to recover it successfully you will be able to continue using all the various Google services such as Google Play, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive etc.
  2. You will have to go to this page - https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6236295?hl=en to access the ‘Google Account recovery’ page. Once you start the account recovery process you will be asked many detailed questions about your Google account.
  3. This page contains many tips which you can use to answer the Google Account recovery questions as best as possible from whatever information you remember about your account such as your last known password, your last login time, your last login location, the answers to your security questions etc. - https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/7299973

Tips for recoving your Google account -

  1. Try to answer all the questions as comprehensively as possible.
  2. When you start the account recovery process, try to use a device which you have often used to login to your Google account before. Also, start the account recovery process while you are sitting in a familiar location ie. A location from which you have accessed your Google account many times before.
  3. You should try to provide exact answers to all the security questions and all the passwords which Google asks from you. This is the only way in which Google will be able to verify that the person trying to recover the Google account is actually the person who created the Google account in the first place.

For example one of the security questions will be Gmail Account Recovery date of birth question. So you should give an exact answer to this question.

How do I Ask Google to Restore My Account?

Sometimes Google disables certain accounts due to several reasons. Users struggle to find solutions to restore their accounts. 

Online procedure to restore your Google Account:

The following steps must be followed by the customers sequentially to restore their already existing accounts:

  • You must begin the process by opening a Google account via any browser.
  • You must enter your Google account credentials to login into your account.
  • Press on the “start appeal” button.
  • Now you will come across certain onscreen-instructions.
  • Follow them to get back your account. 

Conclusion: If still, after following the steps given-above, you are not able to restore your account, your account might be permanently disabled by Google. To gather-information about that, you can contact Google customer support.

If you face any issues in the Google account recovery process you can call the Gmail customer service phone number which you can easily obtain from the official Google support website.

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