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How Do I Verify My Identity on Google?

Are you stuck with the verification issue on your Google account? Are you not able to use the account verification information to get back your account? Well, not having access to your Google account can be quite frustrating. This can also prevent you from getting access to your Google account services. However, one can easily verify their Google account via using the account verification information on the Google’s account recovery page.

So, are you still wondering How Do I Verify My Identity on Google? Well, then you can read this post further and learn about the account verification process on Google.

How Do I Verify My Identity on Google? Quick Steps

The following steps will guide you through the online account verification on Google. However, if you face any issues with the discussed process, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-experts via dialing at Google Contact number and get required assistance within real-time.

  1. Navigate to the official Google helper page in your web browser, then enter the username, phone number or email address of your account in the given field.
  2. Now, select Continue to start with account verification process, then you can first attempt to enter the last known password of your account. Or you can use the Try Another Way link to enter the creation date of your account.
  3. If you don’t remember the date, then you can again use the Try Another Way link to choose from other account verification options such as email address or phone number. With these account verification options, you’ll get the code from Google. The code will be sent to your chosen option in the form of 6-digit code or verification link.
  4. Hence, choose an option to get your account verification code, the enter the code on the account verification page, and then you can also reset your account’s password.
  5. Therefore, think of a strong password, then enter it in the given fields on the password reset page, and then follow the onscreen instructions to save the changes.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding your account verification, then kindly reach out to the tech-experts via Google phone numberThe experts will guide you within real-time and ensure better user experience with Google accounts. Also, the live experts are available through phone number and will also provide relevant information in detail.

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