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How Long Does It Take For Gmail To Verify ID?

Google provides for the world’s largest search engine on the internet, worldwide. It is also the most clicked and visited website in the world. Google’s search engine is remarkable.It produces results of whatever you have searched for in a matter of fraction of a second, depending upon the internet service provider’s speed (ISP).

Google makes money through advertising. Individuals or companies who want people to purchase their product, service, or ideas provide Google with money, and then Google shows an advertisement to people Google thinks will be a hit on the advertisement. Google only gets the money when people like you and I click on the link, so it tries its level best to know as much about people as possible to only display the advertisement to the ‘right people’. This they do it with the help of Google Analytics, which sends data back to Google whenever someone visits a website. From this and other data, Google makes a profile about a person and then uses this person’s profile to make sense of it ,as to which advertisements to show.

What can be done if Google could not substantiate the account that belongs to you?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are constantly trying to recollect the password but you are unable to do so? Sometimes, it happens that you have to check your mail on an urgent basis and then you have to log into your account just to check that particular mail. It is actually very irritating and we freak out in this situation.

Recovery of your Google Account

However, if you are facing the issue and wondering How do I verify my gmail account? and if Google is not able to verify the account which belongs to you, then you have to take the necessary steps to fix the issue. For this, you can have a read below and take assistance , to get to know about the procedure of fixing this-

  1. The initial step that a user should do is to go to the login page of Gmail and enter the email address in the text field provided.
  2. Then you have to enter the password when you shall be prompted. If you happen to not know the password of your account, you have to click on the Forgot password option.
  3. Then, you have to fill in the last password which you remember and then click on the try another way option for recovering the account.
  4. Further ahead in the step, you will receive the reset link to your recovery email address. If you have opted the option for phone, then you will get the verification code on your recovery phone number. It will totally be incumbent on the choice you will make.
  5. You shall now enter the verification code in the space provided or you have to click on the link received in your email address. This will take you to the password recovery page.
  6. There, you shall have to create a new password for your account and then you  have to confirm the password by clicking on the save changes option.

You can also select the option  by responding to the security questions if you are not aware of your email address or phone number. To do this, you have to follow the same procedure but instead of recovery email or phone number, you have to reply to the security questions correctly. After that, you will be taken to the page where the password would be reset.

Everyone of us receives a lot of email and login notifications in our inboxes. But we hardly detect any emails that may or may not corrupt our personal email account. Therefore, Gmail provides a relook by adjusting some settings and helps you to secure your Google account. It is the most renowned email client used across the globe. There is always a chance of your email being breached by any means. For such purposes, unassailable passwords with additional two step verification will assist in securing your account. Thus, two step verification will add an additional layer of security to your account in case your password is stolen.

With the completion of the above steps, in case gmail phone number is not available, you will not be having the problem that Google cannot verify my account and you will be able to access your account without any flaw. 

How Does Gmail Verify Your Identity? 

Gmail verifies the identity by generating a code on your registered device. You can use the code to verify your identity while login your Gmail account on another device. Here are the steps to verify your identity with Google:

  • Go to Settings on your phone,
  • Look for the Google section in the Settings,
  • Select the "Manage your Google Account" option,
  • Choose Security and then select the "Security Code,"
  • You may need to enter the device password to get the code,
  • You will get a 10-digit code on the screen,
  • Now put the same code on the device you want to log in to your Google account,
  • After verifying the code, you will get access to your account.

Why Can't I Verify my Gmail Account?

If you can not verify your Gmail account on a device, this may be due to taking any sensitive action. For this, you have to add 2-step verification or wait for a minimum of 7 days. Steps to add 2-step verification on your Gmail account:

  • Go to your Google Account,
  • Select the Security tab on the page,
  • Beneath the Signing in option, click on the "2-step verification" option,
  • Then tap on the Get Started button,
  • You will need to follow the instructions you receive on your screen,

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