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How To Cancel Adobe Subscription?

If you have access to an Adobe subscription, it would be best if you cancel it in time because if you do so on time, you need not pay any early termination fee. But, to cancel your subscription, you will have to follow some basic steps discussed below for your reference, and if you select them to cancel, then it will be pretty beneficial.

  • First, you need access to Adobe's official website, and for that, you can use https://account.adobe.com/pans.
  • Now select the manage plan tab, and you have to type in your account details there. 
  • After which, click over the search button. 
  • Next, of which you have your subscription. 
  • Select the plan which you need to cancel 
  • Ahead of which, you point out the reason for cancellation, click over continue.
  • Once you select reason ahead, describe it within 1000 characters.
  • At last, tap over the finish button, and your cancellation will be made, and you receive a confirmation mail with a summary on your registered id.

Why is Adobe charging me a cancellation fee?

If you want to know why you get charged a cancellation fee from Adobe, you then have to use the following terms and conditions, which are regarding the issues which are your concern at Adobe.

  • According to the Adobe cancellation fee, you will get full refunds if you cancel within 14 days of your initial purchase.
  • Another point to remember about the cancellation fee is that if the cancellation is made after 14 days, your payment would be non-refundable, and your services will continue until the end of the month billing time.

However, suppose you need more access to the information on fees or another suitable procedure to cancel your Adobe subscription. In that case, it will be smooth and wise if you select contact options like phone, online chat, or drop a mail regarding your issue to an Adobe representative, and then you have the option to discuss your issues. After that, you will get the appropriate outcome for your preference accordingly.

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