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How To Cancel Telus TV Subscription?

Telus is one of the best Telus communication platforms that can provide 630+ digital channels to its customers as well as 100+ HD channels. Therefore, if you are also a subscriber to a Telus tv subscription and for any reason, you wish to cancel your subscription with it. So, you getting the answer to your question, can Telus TV allow you to cancel your subscription easily? Therefore, "yes" Telus will easily enable you to cancel your subscription. But you don't know how to cancel Telus tv subscription. So, this article will help you to cancel your Telus tv subscription faster.

Here are the steps for canceling the Telus tv subscription readily?

To cancel the subscription, you must track down the steps that are given below in detail:

  1. You must open Telus.com on your search engine 
  2. And pawl on customer support of the Telus. 
  3. Find the phone call option and tap on that option
  4. And you will see there the phone number 310-2255 of Telus tv
  5. Then, make a call to the Telus tv person and wait for a connect call 
  6. Through a call, speak with the live person of Telus tv and Request for canceling the Telus tv subscription 
  7. The customer support person will cancel your plan by taking some amount

Also, you can cancel it online, so there is another method by which you can easily cancel your Telus tv subscription. For this, you need to go on the online website>>> tap on account>>> edit your settings>>> then must click on the subscription details>>> cancel your subscription whenever you need>>> in a few minutes, your Telus tv subscription is canceled. And you will get a notification regarding this.

Hence, whenever you cancel your Telus tv subscription, you need to pursue the above-stated methods because they will help you cancel your TELUS Home Services easily, and its customer support will provide the best assistance. In addition, if you further confront any difficulty, call Telus tv on this phone number 1-888-811-2323 and solve your issues promptly.

How to contact TELUS directly?

TELUS is a world-leading telecommunication service that simultaneously provides internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television facilities to millions of users. Since you have access to TELUS services, but due to software glitches or any other circumstance, you haven't got proper help from its products, then, in that case, you can avail the option to contact the customer service team for assistance.

Learn several mediums to contact TELUS directly:

Via phone number: As you will use the TELUS services for your home and workplace, then you should use the Telus phone number to contact representatives easily and quickly.

  • Visit TELUS's official website.
  • Now, head toward the contact us page.
  • Here, select your service like Mobility- 1-866-558-2273, Internet- 1-888-811-2323 and TELUS custom security system- 1-855-909-8277 etc
  • Select the number and dial it 
  • Listen to IVR instructions and press the appropriate option to connect with a representative for help.

By TELUS live chat box: Other than the customer service calling option, you can also use their live chat box that is available on the official website. Visit the site and get to the contact us section, tap over the chat icon, and follow the box screen prompts, and you will connect with a virtual assistant immediately.

How long do you have to cancel Telus?

With Telus, you must submit a 30 days notice before canceling your plan. The refund will be credited to the user's account within a week for pre-authorized payments. Telus will give you exceptional services and support you at every step of your cancellation process.

How to cancel a Telus plan online?

To cancel your Telus plan, you must contact customer service. You can take the following steps to contact customer service to cancel your plan:

  • Navigate through the website of Telus, www.telus.com.
  • Go to the Support section.
  • Click on the Contact Us option.
  • Proceed to call on the customer service number of Telus 310-2255.
  • You will get the IVR commands. You must press specific numbers on your dial keypad to follow these commands.
  • Listen to the authorities and choose the number that will cancel your plan.
  • You can speak to customer service if you want the agent's help to cancel your Telus plan.

How do I Call to Cancel My TELUS Account?

TELUS is widely used by customers to use its telecommunication products and services. 

If you are an existing user and you want to cancel your already existing TELUS account, then you can call customer services by dialing the official TELUS Customer Service phone number. The phone lines are available 24/7. To get in association with the corresponding representative, they must follow the instructions, and once the call is connected, they must request them to cancel their account. 

How Much is The Cancellation Fee for TELUS? 

Customers must always take note that if they wish to cancel their account or service, then they need to pay a cancellation fee. Now you must be wondering what the cancellation fee is. The cancellation fee includes the remaining device balance, along with $50 as an early cancellation fee. However, this fee is subject to change. Customers must always contact customer services prior to canceling their service plan to know the exact cancellation fee. 

How do I Cancel a Pre-Authorized Payment on TELUS?

If you want to cancel your Pre-authorized payment on TELUS, then you must follow the online instructions given below:

  • Either begin the process by visiting the official website of TELUS, or you can use the application to initialize the process.
  • Now you must go to the section that states “My TELUS.” Login into your account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the billing section.
  • Now you are expected to select the account you want to cancel pre-authorized payment of.
  • Tap on the cancel-option and click on the submit-button. 
  • Soon a cancellation message will be received on your phone. 

After you speak to the Telus representative and cancel your plan, you will get instructions on how to return your equipment to avoid unreturned equipment charges. If you want to cancel your Telus service provider and want to know how to cancel your Telus plan online, you can get some help in this article.

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