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There are certain extensions that the user install from Chrome Web Store which basically helps to makes changes in the Chrome settings to enhance the users with the outstanding browsing experience and also makes using the extension easier. However, these basic extensions can lead to change settings such as user’s homepage, tab new page, search engine or even the start page

Setting up Homepage and Starting up page on Google Chrome

Any user can customize their Google Chrome to open any page which he or she desires for a particular homepage or for startup page. However, these two pages are similar unless user set them to be.  

  •  User startup page is the one which shows when the user first launch Chrome on his or her computer
  •  User homepage is the one which displays after he or she clicks Home


Changing Settings back to normal

If the users do not want their settings to be changed by an extension than he or she have to first either uninstall or have to disable the extension as because the users cannot use the extension without letting it change the settings.

When a user removes his or her extension then the settings will go back to the original state that was there before the user installed that extension. To do so,

  •  The user has to Open Google Chrome
  •  Then on the browser toolbar he or she need to the option “click more”
  •  The click More Tools  and then Extensions
  •  Next to the extension if user desire to remove it, then he or she needs to click Remove

Settings an extension changes

A user can now see and feel all the settings that have been changed by or through an extension by going to users Chrome Settings. In the Settings menu of chrome a user can then see a box around each setting which has been changed and also the name of the extension which controls that setting. For controlling, the user need to

  •  Open Google Chrome
  •  After that user need to click More on browser toolbar
  •  Then user need to Click on the Settings option

Then he or she can find or see a rectangular box that says "An extension, [name of extension], is controlling this setting"

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