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 How To Fix Google Play Services for Instant apps?

Go to Settings > Apps. Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to “Google Play Services” app. Open the app details and tap on the “Force stop” button. Solution 3 – Clear the Google Services Framework cache.

How do I use instant apps on Google Play?
  1. Open Settings on your phone and tap on Google in the Personal section.
  2. Scroll down until you find Instant Apps (usually under Google Fit) and tap on it.
  3. Flip the toggle to on.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions. Just tap yes, to start using Instant Apps.

How do I fix Google Play services?

One fix for this issue is to clear the cache data for Google Play Services and the Google Play Store.
  1. Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager.
  2. Scroll across to All and then down to the Google Play Store app.
  3. Open the app details and tap the Force stop button.
  4. Next tap on the Clear data button.

Can I uninstall Google Play services for instant apps?

There are different kinds of apps that you can download to uninstall Google Play services. For instance, you can download System App Removal from Play Store. After installing the app on your device, just launch it. From here, you can select multiple system apps related to Google service that you wish to remove.
Is Google Play services for instant Apps necessary?
Google says that Instant App functionality will make your app accessible for users with devices dating back to Jelly Bean, the 4.1 Android OS release. The only catch: devices need to have Google Play services installed. Ecommerce checkout is easy with instant access to Android Pay.

Why is Google Play services not working?

If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn't work then you may need to go into your Google customer Service and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy. You need to go into your Settings and hit Application manager or Apps. From there, find the Google Play Services app (the puzzle piece).

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