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How To Get The New Gmail Update?

In a world of new technology, you must have a Gmail account for your work. From a multinational company to small school work, you must have an account for all of your work. So suppose you have the older version and you are wondering how to update it, then these are the steps you can go through to update it. You can update your Gmail account in three ways: through your Android device, IOS, and through the pc. 

And then, if you also have some queries related to  Did Google just update Gmail? Then you can go through customer service. So you get your query resolved on time, and you can easily go through the new version of it. You can read further if you are looking for the same.

Update Gmail account through Android 

You can update your account on your android device; for that, you must read further steps written down.

  • You can open your play store on your android device.

  • Then after that, search for the app, and once the app opens there, you will find the button Update.

  • Click on the update button, and then once it gets downloaded. You can restart the application. 

  • And if it is troubling you to download the new version, make sure that you are updated to the newest version. And then, open the app, and you are done with the update.

  • For the updated new version details, you can check it on the play store only in the What's new column.

And if you are looking for Does Gmail automatically update? Then you can set your updates automatically.

Update Gmail account through IOS or IPAD 

If you have an IOS or Ipad, then also you can update it very easily, but first, you make sure that your device must be updated with the latest software, as further, it will not trouble you while going through the downloading of the new version of it.

  • First, you have to open your app store from your IOS/Ipad devices.

  • After that, you have to search for the app in the search section, or you can use the voice option to search the app.

  • Then open the first one that is the official one, and then you can find the update option.

  • You have to hit the update button and wait until it gets fully downloaded.

  • Then you can reopen your Gmail app, and you will be done with the update. For the new update information, you can read it in the What's new column.

Update Gmail account on web browser

You can also download the new version of your Gmail account by going through its web portal. You can read further for the steps. 

  • You have to go to the web page, and then you can see the options help and support, click on that.

  • And there, you will see the option of "Update your account" click on that. And then log in with your account details.

  • And then, you can easily download the newer version by clicking on the update button.

  • And then log out of your account and again login with your account details, then you can enjoy the update.

Now you must be clear with the update on it, and if you are facing any problem, you can go through Gmail customer service to get assistance from the agent.

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