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What is my Google password? How to recover or change your password?

Google is one of the best web service provider used by millions of users around the world. It provides services such as Google drive, hangouts, mail and so on. But many times users often forget the password od the account in that case google provides google account recovery process to its users many ways by which the account can be recovered. Follow the below steps in order to recover the account without any hassle.

What is Google password?

Google password helps the user to login into the account and use all its services. Once the user has logged into the account, they can view all their personal data and information. But at times when user forget the password then they need to recover the account for which the there are very easy steps provided by the google. Follow the below steps in order to recover the google password easily.

How to recover or change your password?

Go through the below steps and recover the Google password without any hassle.

  • Initial steps will be to launch the browser then user need to go to the goggle account page on  screen. User need to press the option of forgot the password but ensure that the email address you entered is correct, if in case mail address did not match then user will have to provide other details  and shoot on okay
  • Enter the information such as phone number and ideally your name and then google will then send the verification code on the provided phone number. Also take a note that this would not work if user does will not have the access to old number or even previous email address. Account.
  • User will  to select either phone number or email address , only select the option which can be easily accessed or you can even choose security question. In the option of security question section Google will ask questions user gave at time of creating the account.
  • Now google will be redirect the user to the Google account recovery page in order to reset the password
  • User no have to create the password twice in the field provided on the screen and click on the continue button. Password will be now successfully changed now user can login with new password. Also do not forget to tap on the log out from all devices to secure your account.

These were all the process and steps so as to recover Google account. If more information or details are needed then contact to customer care help desk number  or gmail tech support to get the query solve every query or you can send a mail regarding any doubt or query.

Google Account Recovery with the help of the support team

If the above steps is little confusing then user can even recover the account with the help of Support team

  • Launch the browser then go to the Google account recovery page on your device
  • Press on the button located on the top left cornet and press the help desk
  • User will be able to see all the questions that are frequently asked by the users on the screen.
  • Navigate to the search box then enter the query you have on order to tap on okay
  • User will be  able to see the answer to your query and perform all those steps your account will be easily recovered.

If in case you still have any doubt or query that is not available in the search box or you are unable to find on Google account recovery help desk or want to know How to recover Gmail password through Facebook account? then dial customer service or drop them the mail regarding the same, their trained and skilled representative will connect to you soon in order to solve all the issue in very simple and easy way. Goggle is known to have one of the best customer care satisfaction and service around the world.

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