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How To Stop Google Maps From Tracking Your Location?

Google Maps is one of the best web mappings platforms and widely known as a consumer application service offered by Google. It is quite simple to install on various kind of mobile and laptop devices and when you are required to check out the location of any shop, restaurant, office, and petrol pump. It is usable in terms of offering street maps, aerial photography, view of the street, real-time traffic condition and so on. If you are a user of an Android device, you can find this service free as Google Maps is an inbuilt feature of the Google services accordingly. It is associated with privacy and policy too and it allows tracking and sharing the location from one place to another place in a systematic way quite easily. If you spontaneously want to share your current location and fortunately and unfortunately someone is tracking your location, you can stop that if you want again. 

How does it work literally?

It works perfectly when you have turned on your Google Maps on and you need to be assured that you have internet service and it can be tracked without a data connection once if you have set the location as well.  It is said that there are numerous mapping apps that have the ability to track the current location of your phone even in the absence of an Internet connection. It is the GPS system in your smartphone that easily works in two different ways like with a data connection and without a data connection to track your location within a short span of time. Herewith, if you don't want to share and track your location through Google Maps and want to stop it as soon as possible, you need to check out the history and select the settings of Google Maps where you can make some important changes perfectly. 

How to stop Google Maps from tracking your location?

It could be your friends who feel like tracking your location or you can track him in a vital manner. However, if you want to stop Google Maps tracking your location, you need to check out the details of the Google account. If you have created your account with the Google account and looking for assistance about how to stop Google Maps from tracking your location, you are required to check out the settings of Google Maps and make sure that your Google Maps is tracking your already or not. Learn the simple process to fix it.
Following are the ways to stop Google Maps from tracking your location with ease:
  1. First of all, launch an internet browser and go to Google Maps simply and make sure that you have logged in to your Google account.
  2. Go to your profile picture under the settings of your account and choose your data in Maps now you can check out the location history is one or not.
  3. You can toggle the switch to off and confirm the location from Google Maps and then click on the turn off button to track your current location in a simple manner eventually.

Why should Google Maps know my location?

It is said that Google has designed a virtual Web Map service that works from the signals like the IP address of your device and shows your past activity and it knows your location to track and share at any time. In case you have chosen to turn your Google Maps settings on, there are chances to show your current location and subsequently, it will show you the current location that can be tracked by someone else at any time. 
How to stop Google from tracking the location?
Google always collect real-time data of your current location and you can check out the settings in case you have turned on Google services that are tracking your location at every time. Although, you need not do anything to know your current location that's because Google knows your Phone's location through your device's IP address. Besides it, if you are asking that how to stop Google from tracking my location but facing trouble, be aware of the steps that assist you to get such issue fixed within a short span of time.
Following are the ways to stop Google from tracking the location quite easily:
  • First of all, launch an internet browser on your computer device and go to the Windows key+ C button to search the computer's settings.
  • Go to the privacy and policy settings of Google account and then choose your current location and let your devices set to use the current location on your computer device.
  • It is important to manage your data if you are doing the same using your Android device and looking into the activity controls, it stops your Google from tracking after clicking on the turn off button eventually.
Hence, if you find something wrong while stopping your Google from tracking your location, feel free to make a call at Google Maps phone number to contact our customer support team that is available to help you at your required time effortlessly.

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