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How To Use Google Drive and Google Forms?

Google as you might know is a very renowned information technology company which is known for providing a variety of internet related services and applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms etc. In simple words, one can say that Google service has made everything simpler and easier.

Well, using Google services is really simple. But, there are some users who might encounter issues while using some of the Google services. Hence, in order to help out the users, here in this article are the simple procedure to use Google Drive and Google Docs.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is basically an Google application which allows the users to save and manage their effectively in a cloud storage. Further, one can also use this service for sharing the data with their friends and family by using the shareable link. Furthermore, this service can be used on various platforms like Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive offers its users with multiple benefits but, some of the common benefits of this app includes the following:

  • Easy and quick management of the data

  • 15 GB storage

  • Hassle-free sharing without any problems

  • Storage for multiple forms of data

  • Work smarter with various Google apps

  • Scan saved documents and work offline

Now, how to upload files on Google Drive

  • For uploading files on Google Drive, the user is required to launch the Google drive app on their computer.

  • Once the app is launched, the user simply needs to select file upload under New option.

  • Thereafter, the user is required to select the files that they wish to upload.

Besides, this the user can simply drag and drop their files for upload. For this process, the user needs to follow the below instructions:

  • Launch Google Drive app in the browser.

  • And then, the user is required to select create folder option.

  • After the creation of the folder, the user can easily drag and drop the files that they wish to add to the Google Drive folder.

Moreover, during the upload the users have an option to convert the format of the files. Hence, making storage of data simpler. However, in case, if a user still face any issues or have queries regarding the Google Drive services, they can simply dial Google Drive customer service and get quick solutions.

Apart from Google Drive, Google has developed another incredible service which is popularly known as Google Forms. In case, if you are not aware of this service, you can read this article further for more information.

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is basically a survey administrator app which is used as a tool for collecting data from users through quiz and personalized survey.

And with its introduction, survey has become really simple. Furthermore, the developers have even introduced various features in Google Forms which are discussed below.

Features of Google Forms

Google Forms is an incredible app which includes the following features:

  • Menu Search

  • Limitation of responses for particular user

  • Custom themes

  • Shorter shareable URLs

  • Random shuffling of questions

  • Upload file option

  • Automatic answer generator

However, there is a limitation that users can upload this Google Forms by using G Suite only.

Now, a simple procedure to create Google Forms:

  • For the users who wish to create Google Forms are required to launch Google Forms creation page.

  • And then, the user is required to select a template for their form.

  • After that, the user needs to create a survey name and add a description to it.

  • Thereafter, create questions for your survey form and select multiple choice option.

  • Further, select a mode in which you wish to get the question answered like short, para or choices.

  • Besides, one also add side menu options to the survey.

  • Select the required switch and follow the above stated steps again.

  • Thereafter, preview your survey and click on send button.

  • Now, also enter the recipients for the survey form.

  • Further, enter the message and send the survey form.

And with the completion of this process, you can easily create Google forms. However, if a user still encounter issue, one can dial Google forms support number.

Contact Google Support

For contacting Google support, the user can easily dial their toll-free number or contact the support through email support for the desired assistance for resolving various Google app issue.

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