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You can use your old printer to print documents and photos from your mobile device if you have the perfect support options. The latest models of all printers from renowned brands offer AirPrint options which allow printing from mobile device that are sharing the same Wi-Fi network. Mostly all renowned printer providers have released their mobile app that connects printer with the mobile device. These apps can be found for al mobile devices such as iOS, Android and windows devices. Also you can use third party application to connect printer with your mobile. Some of the official and third-party apps not only support printing but also support scanning as well.

To use a non- Wi-Fi printer to print files from mobile devices you will need to connect it to a computer and make sure that your computer and mobile share the same wireless access point. In this way you can print document by installing the utility program on your computer. There are many utility programs can be found from internet such as Printopia or Presto which works on all computer devices including Mac and Windows.

You can also consider cloud printing technology to print documents from your mobile device with your printer. There are many cloud printers you can find in internet store such as Cortado ThinPrint or Google Cloud Printer which can be use for all devices, platform and even non- Wi-Fi printers. These apps have their own limitations for printing documents from mobile devices.

The latest printers that uses Wi-Fi Direct uses a unique protocol that allows tow devices to get connected through same network wireless connection without using any access point. Many phones though do not support this Wi-Fi Direct technology. Also some printer’s offers printing through email and it does not require a Wi-Fi linkup between devices.

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