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How do I fix an unexpected error in Outlook?

Outlook user often experiences unexpected crash issue with their system when they try to access it from their computer device. The crash issue can happen due to various reasons such as update issue or network issue etc.

How can I fix An unknown error has occurred on Outlook?
  1. Run an Anti-Virus Scan.
  2. Fix Outlook With Third-Party Utility Software.
  3. Temporarily Switch Anti-Virus Software off.
  4. Remove Microsoft Outlook Add-ins.
  5. Set up a new Outlook Account Profile.
  6. Fix Corrupted PST Files With the Inbox Repair Tool.
Why does my Outlook email keep crashing?
Corrupted Outlook PST Files: The most common reason for Outlook crashes such as uncertainty and unusual behavior due to this factor PST files got corrupted or damaged. Corrupted Outlook Messages: Email with or without original attachments may also be corrupted that cause Outlook crashes when opening certain emails.

How to resolve Outlook crashing issue:

Updating to recent outlook version

  • Click on the windows start button and go to “Control panel” section.
  • Click on “Update windows” section to update  your windows. Outlook updates with window updating process.
  • Now click on “Search for new updates” button to start the updating process and  progress bar will appear showing updating progress.
  • Restart your computer once the updating get finished.
  • Now relaunch outlook again to check if it's working now.

System cleanup

  • Launch antivirus program on your desktop and run a system clean up process with that.
  • Once the cleanup process completes  open outlook to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Issue with Add-ins:

  • Type in “Outlook /safe” in the “Search programs and files” box in window search field and hit Enter.
  • It will start outlook in safe mode but if it's not then  reopen “Outlook” in normal mood.
  • Now click on File tab and click on “Options” .
  • From the options menu click on “Add-ins”. Go to the Manage box and find the COM Add-ins,
  • Click on “Go” and uncheck all the checkboxes in the list to disable all add-ins.
  • Now click “OK” and again restart Outlook.

If these basic troubleshooting does not resolve the outlook crashing issue then contact Outlook Customer Service through the toll free helpline number.  It will connect you with the service expert advisers who will help you with further troubleshooting for the issue. This helpline number is available 24x7 round the calendar and you can easily find this number from the internet or from the contact pages. 

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