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Where Can I Find Contacts on my Gmail?

Gmail is the platform that provides the user to send & receives emails from their contacts & from other sources. Gmail is the easiest way of getting your mails from any corner of the world. It is the best interface that provides detailed information in a professional way. With Gmail, you can very easily sync your contacts & emails that get stored permanently in the Gmail cloud, because if by chance anything happens to your laptop or to your phone then also your backup with Gmail account will restore everything once again. Now if you want to know Where do I find my contacts list in Gmail so that you can easily get access to your contacts.

Then for that you just need to follow the steps that will guide you to get your contacts, into your hands;

  1. First of all you have to open a Gmail account on your PC or on mobile phones
  2. After that you log into your account
  3. For login you have to type your username/id & password in the required fields
  4. After that you got logged in then you have to click on the three bars that are on the top left corner
  5. Now you have to scroll down on the bottom, there you will see options
  6. In those options you will see one option that is contacts
  7. Just click on the option if your contacts are synced then you will see the list of all your contacts, & if not then you have to simply follow two to three steps to sync your account
  8. And again the Gmail account & go to the option contacts & click on it
  9. Now you will get the list of all your contacts with full access.

So these are the easy ways through which you can very easily get your contacts into your PC & on your phone without any kind of hustle.

How can I access my Google contacts?

Getting your Google account accessible to you, then for that you have various methods by which you can very easily get to know about the How do I access my Google contacts, without any hustle.

If you want to open Google contacts in your PC browser then just visit the Google web page after that follow these points;

  1. First of all click on your profile picture that is on the top right corner
  2. Through which your account is running, then after that you have to click on manage your accounts option
  3. After this on the page you will see the option menu
  4. Click on the menu option, there you will get the list of options, there select the options people & sharing
  5. Now there you will get your contact option
  6. Click on it & all the contact numbers with names will be showed to you on the screen.

Or if you won't get Google account access on your mobile phone then just download contacts from the play store app that will help you in a very easy or if you click on the contacts option in your Gmail it will with few steps automatically take you to play store app, & from there it will provide you with the contact then you have to just download it through the help of play store app.

Hence if you need more information regarding how to find contacts via Gmail or Google, or facing problem accessing your account, then you can freely access the option of gmail customer care services, where you will get the assistance of the expert team, who will guide with best possible solutions that will once be implemented, will provide the user better & effective results. The services are available 24/7 round the clock for the users if they any kind of issue.

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