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Why Does Google Keep Saying my Connection is Not Private?

Connection isn’t private is one of the most common and major occurring problems which a user faces on Google Chrome. The reason behind it being a common problem is that it can happen or take place due to multiple reasons and the reason why it is a major problem is it can lead to a major drawback and you can lose a lot of private data because of a situation created by the developer of the website on which if you tend to continue, the website can gain the access to your personal data easily.

If you tend to face the same problem and you are trying to figure out that how to resolve the situation of Google privacy error, the below mentioned points will help you with the same;

What the error is actually?

In order for you to know the reason behind the error, you’ll first need to know why this error is occurring.

Connection isn’t private error’ is a type of error which declares that the website you are trying to visit is not safe for you to visit as the website doesn’t have trustworthy credentials or certificates which your browser can confirm before visiting the website.

The error states that it is not recommended for you to continue on the following website as Google Chrome cannot verify the authenticity of the website and cannot allow you to continue on the particular website with the help of the browser.

Why this error appears?

If you want to know the reasons behind why this error appears and on what basis does the browser decides that whether the website is safe or not;

  • Whenever we visit a website, our browser in an instant first checks the certificate of SSL for the same. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.
  • If anytime, our browser is unable to check a valid SSL certificate of the website or it does not have a properly working SSL certificate or isn’t designed correctly then our browser doesn’t allow us to access the particular website.
  • It is not necessary that the website is corrupted, sometimes the SSL needs to be updated as it might be possible that it expired or it needs some maintenance. 

Thus, the above mentioned points will help you on the topic of why this error appears on your screen and what is the exact reason behind this.

Why does our browser doesn’t allow us to visit the website?

The below mentioned reasons will help you to understand that why Google doesn’t allow us to visit the website and it shows a ‘Connections isn’t private notification’

  • It might be possible that we are visiting a website which will breach our personal data like our stored files, our passwords or the payment information that we have on our system.
  • Some websites can easily gain access to your device details and can prove to be harmful for your privacy.

Therefore, due to the above mentioned reasons our browser doesn’t allow us to visit certain websites and it shows a connection isn’t secure error.

How does the screen looks like with the error?

The below mentioned points will help you to differentiate this error with all the other screen errors so you can easily identify it once it appears on your Google chrome;

  • On the web page of Google Chrome, it will showcase a big red exclamation mark with a written note that ‘Your connection is not private and someone can steal your private information easily’.
  • You can easily identify the page with the help of the above mentioned points.

How can you resolve this situation?

If you are looking forward to get a resolution to this situation as it is important for you to visit the website, no worries the below mentioned points will help you on that;

  • Refresh the page- The most easy and common resolution is to refresh the page and check whether or not the page is appearing now. Often, if you refresh the page it ends up loading and you can then easily access the website.
  • Check the settings for your date and time on your system- If your device’s date and time settings aren’t updated this can cause the browser to showcase this issue. As the browser also has its own time and date settings, make sure to check the settings for date and time if this problem persists.
  • Operating system- Check the operating system of your device whether or not it is updated as sometimes if your operating system is not updated the browser might face issues or lag in performance.
  • Go Incognito- It is recommended to go Incognito and continue with the websites you wish to use for a secured network.

If you still need assistance, you can also make a phone call to the google phone number for the queries you are having and the resolution will be provided to you in no time in a hassle free manner.

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