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Why does my Google Account Keeps Saying Something Went Wrong?

Gmail is the mailing service provided by Google and serves as the main port on all of the Google services. It acts as a joining server to all of the applications and services provided by Google as you can access each and every one of them with the help of your Gmail account. Not only this, you can also link your Gmail account with many other services so that you can have all of your passwords saved at a single place.

If you are a regular user of Gmail then you must have an idea that it is a once in a blue moon situation where you face some problems with your Gmail account, if that’s the case and you are finding some difficulty while you try to login to your account and the thought of How do you fix your account settings out of date? Is haunting you, no worries the below mentioned points will help you with the same;

Reason behind the out of date error on Gmail?

Well, if you need to figure out a resolution to a problem or a query, you first need to know the root cause, that is the only way you can figure out a solution. The below mentioned points will help you to know the reason behind ‘Something went wrong’ error on gmail.

  1. Connectivity issue- If you are getting the problem stating ‘Something went wrong’ while you try to sign in to your Gmail account, one of the major reasons behind this problem can be the connectivity issue. Make sure that your internet is working fine and you are getting ample speed on your internet. Slow internet connection often tends to be the root cause which doesn’t allow you to access the services you are trying to.
  2. Browser Problems- If you are constantly getting the issue while you try to login to your Gmail account. Give your browser a check, sometimes the browser doesn’t support many websites and it can lead to a chaotic situation for you.
  3. Outdated Settings- If you have been a Gmail user for a very long time and you haven’t updated the settings for your account for a long time, it can also lead to many problems. Time to time the settings section is updated for the user’s sake and it needs to be updated on a timely basis.

Fix the error of ‘Something went wrong, some info maybe out of date’

Now if you wish to get rid of all the problems you are facing with the help of getting in touch with Gmail customer service team, hold on you can also find a resolution on your own with the help of the below mentioned points in a hassle free manner;

Desktop- Follow the steps to do it on your Desktop PC or Laptop;

  1. Visit the login page of Gmail.
  2. Input your credentials and click on ‘Sign-In’
  3. Once the mail list loads, locate and click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the page, adjacent to your profile picture.
  4. In the settings menu go to the settings of ‘Advanced Settings’
  5. Check whether the security certificate is updated or not.
  6. If it is not, update and refresh the certificate.

Smartphone- Follow the steps to do it on your smartphone;

  1. Open the Gmail application in your android or IOS device.
  2. Check whether it needs to be updated or not.
  3. Update and continue if required.
  4. Visit the settings icon present in the official application of Gmail.
  5. Go to the sub menu option of ‘Clear caches’
  6. Often, Gmail stores a lot of cache data which doesn’t allow you to perform perfectly.
  7. Clear all the cache data.
  8. If the problem still persists, tap on the option of ‘Go to the default settings’
  9. It will reboot the settings of your Gmail application and will bring the application to a default settings status.

Thus, the above mentioned points will help you on the topic of Gmail account something went wrong some info may be out of date in a hassle free manner. You can then continue with your account and can rely on the services provided by Google with a free mind.

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