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Why Gmail is better than Outlook?

Everyone in today's scenario needs an email account. Someone has a personal email account, and someone has a business email account. It Is very often that people have more than one work email account. Therefore users always ask what is the difference between Outlook and Gmail to create an account. Both are webmail services in which; Gmail is owned by Google, and Microsoft owns outlook. You can find some key differences in both emails and choose according to your needs and preferences. For this, you need to read further and know the details.

A key difference between Gmail and outlook

Following are some points you can consider before creating an email account and choose accordingly:


Gmail is easily accessible as the webmail within the browser, and also it will be accessed through the desktop. You can use filters and labels as the main way on the Gmail. On the other hand, the outlook has the top bar name ribbon. Therefore there are different ribbons like calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc., on the outlook that you can access. 


Outlook is filled with the features such as rules to manage emails once they come in automatically. You can use the cleanup button to delete the duplicate messages in your email thread automatically. When you archive the email in Gmail, it will move to the folder name all mail rather than the separate folder name archive. Outlook has its own calendar and products in built, but Gmail has google calendar and contacts.


You can upload the files to google drive under Gmail, and outlook offer the one drive for the files. You will get 15 GB of storage in the Gmail and 15 GB with an extra 5 GB in the outlook. Once you subscribe to Microsoft, you will get 365 with extra 50 GB of storage.


Gmail provides the 2-step verification in which emails will be sent automatically encrypted in transit through the transport layer security that must support the receiving account. Outlook offers the Microsoft 365 version that provides the option of encrypting emails. But users need to ensure that they select the option before sending the mail.

Customer support:

Both the platforms, Gmail and outlook, offer direct support from Google and Microsoft to serve every issue. They provide community support to their email services. Gmail provides a help center where you can find different ways to connect. On the other hand. Outlook provides chat support that is available 24 hours to support every need and requirement. 

App integration:

Outlook provides the connectors as an app integration that works as add-ones. Connectors are not available for the outlook web. But Gmail has a various extensions that you can install on the web. The add ones can also be integrated directly into Gmail for better services. 

With the above information, you will find the qualities of Gmail and outlook. You will see why Gmail is better than the outlook for creating an account. For a streamlined experience, you can install any of the email services according to your needs and preferences.

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