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Why is my Google Drive Not Uploading?

Google drive provides a perfect place to upload files and pictures that can access from anywhere and from any device. Now, the person needs to create an account with it, and then they can either automate the process or restrict it. In automation, the file will automatically upload and in the other one, you can choose the file and then manually upload this. So you are free to do that, but sometimes a person finds it hard to upload or a file shows an error while uploading. 

Now, if you are facing any issues, and looking for the reasons Why is my Google Drive not uploadingThen you can read this blog. We have covered the reason along with the solutions that can make the process of comprehending easy and effective for you. You can do this, by yourself without rely on the customer support team. 

Major reasons why Google Drive is not uploading 

There could be various reasons behind Google drive not uploading. But, we come with the most obvious reasons that you can follow easily and apply the solution without going through the rigid process. 

Google Drive is not updated or working with the latest version 

Now, when you are using google drive then ensure that you are using the latest version. Now, if you are using the old one, or restrict the updates then it may hurt your privacy. Regular updates are necessary for the application to work properly. You can see the reason like not uploading file or some files are missing, these show that you did not update the application. It is something that you have to take care of it. 

  • Go to the Google drive 
  • Login to your account by providing information like ID and password 
  • Next, click on my profile and you can see the setting options 
  • Now you can see the option for the accounts setting and in this, you can look for the latest version or update 
  • Click on it, and let the application update 

Now, once it updates, then you can go with the login page and see whether you are able to upload files or not. 

Installation of the antivirus or software 

Yes, it is the most common reason behind Google Drive not Working. But, it could be the major cause, so if you have recently installed any kind of antivirus software, then you can face such issues. The major purpose of this is that to protect the system from external malware activities. But sometimes to protect the system they block Google drive or other applications and restrict their working. So you might not notice this, but it happens in most cases. To avoid these issues, you can do the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, go to the antivirus software 
  • Next click on the settings and then you can see the different option 
  • If you have enabled this, then you have to turn it off the application that is present in the system 
  • Next, you can see the turn off icon, click on it, and disable it 

Once you do this, then it will take some time and you might wait for a few minutes. Next, you can see the Google drive is working or not by uploading the files on it. If the problem still persists then you can go with the other methods. 

Turn off the Google drive feature 

It is the basic one that most of the user overlooks. To upload the files it is imperative to enable the feature of uploading files. And if there is some network issues then you can check with others, but first see that are you enable the uploading feature or not. If it is not on, then you can go with the below-shown steps and turn this feature on. 

  • Open the Google drive 
  • Go to the settings 
  • Click on the sync or you can enable the uploading 
  • Now you can confirm it 

Now, here make sure you select the right account. In this way, you can easily solve the issues of not uploading files. 

It may happen that you are facing issues while operating the above-shown steps like Google Drive not Updating or not being able to enable the feature. In that case, you are free to interact with the support person and get a prompt solution.

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