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Why My Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords?

Google Chrome is one of the services provided by Google which allows us to browse the internet free of cost. It has a very secure network which protects the user's device against malwares and the hackers who have their hawk-like eyes pointed towards our data and how they can breach them. Google Chrome has a very simple and easy to use interface. It even allows us to save our personal data like our passwords and the login credentials which ends in being very time efficient. It secures the network and also keeps our passwords protected.

But at the end of the day it is just a service provider and any service provider can face problems. If anytime you face problems in terms of you not being able to save the password for your login pages, no worries you can easily sort the situation with the help of below mentioned points.

Chrome not saving password

Before we come to the solution let us first give it a check that whether or not the feature has been enabled in your system. What if you have not even customized the settings and you are worrying about why Google Chrome is not saving my passwords.

  • Obsolete version of browser- It might be possible that it has been a lot of days since you updated the applications on your device. Sometimes, the applications do not work properly if you haven’t updated them. Make sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome for all of its settings to work correctly.
  • Password manager has been disabled- Just to confirm it, give it a check that whether or not the password manager has been enabled in the settings section of Google Chrome. If it is not enabled the auto password saving function won’t work and even if you save the passwords, still it won’t auto fill your credentials section.
  • Extensions not enabled- The auto fill function does not work properly if you haven’t allowed Google Chrome the access to your personal data. If it can’t access the storage of your devices, it cannot save the password for the timely function of your future login.

Therefore, the above mentioned points can be the reason for Google Chrome Not Saving Password.

Resolution- Now the reasons behind why Google Chrome does not saves the password are mentioned above, if you now want to have an idea about the ways in which you can get a resolution to this situation is by the help of the below mentioned ways;

  • Update- Visit the official page of Google Chrome and download the latest version which is available on the internet.
  • Third party website- Make sure that you don’t install Google Chrome from any third party website so that it works properly.
  • Allot the permissions- Make sure that you allow Google Chrome the access to your personal data so that it can store all the required data files on your system and can work in a smooth running manner.
  • Password Manager- By going to the settings section, allow Google Chrome to save passwords for various login details that you input in your website.
  • Caches and cookies- Go to the settings option of Google Chrome and clear all the stored caches and cookies on your browser. Usually the stored caches and cookies makes it very problematic for an user to continue with his/her work and it causes very slow working for the browser.
  • Review the extensions- Review the extensions which are enabled on your Google Chrome, make sure that only necessary extensions are enabled on your browser so that the extensions does not create havoc and you can continue with your work in a hassle free manner.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned steps one can easily resolve the query of Google Chrome Not password Responding and can continue with their work in a hassle free manner.


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