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Contact Information of Windows XP Support Number Team

Direct Phone Number: Windows XP customer service support phone number 888-604-2301 (Talk to human)

Call Time: Windows XP customer support Average Wait: 2 mins — 24 hours,7 days

Talk to human: Windows XP online support Press 0 at each prompt OR say “Representative”.

Independent Support* : 1-877-478-6650 +1 (844) 260-7869 (Talk to human)

For online help: Windows XP customer service number Windows XP Customer Care

Company URL: Windows XP customer services http://www.microsoft.com/

Useful tools & number to call: Windows XP  contact number Call via web

Windows XP Customer Service Phone Number

How to get urgent online help for Windows XP

Windows XP is a PC operating system that was created by Microsoft. Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001. It was one of the most popular and widely used operating systems. Microsoft Windows XP

To get urgent online help, solutions and assistance for Windows XP, please contact the Online PC Technicians on the given customer care helpline phone number. Online PC Technicians offer urgent online technical support, help and telephonic customer service for Windows XP. You can call the helpline anytime from anyplace.

How to set password in Windows XP on startup

  • Click on Start button.
  • Click on RunRun box will appear.
  • Go to that box and enter syskey in the text box and click on OKoption. Securing the Windows XP Account Database box will appear.
  • Make sure the radio button next to Encryption Enabled is selected.
  • Click on Update option. 
  • Startup Key box will appear.
  • Click on the radio button next to Password Startup. Create a password and confirm it. Click on OK option.

If you need online help and solution on how to set password on startup, please dial the given support phone number. Call to get infinite online pro assistance and online help for XP. Call to get online tech support, online help and telephonic customer service from 7QAsearch.           

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  • How to play android games on Windows.
  • How to reset password.
  • How to put a password in folder on Windows XP.
  • How to update sp2 to sp3 and more.

Call the Online PC Technicians on the given customer care helpline phone number. 

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