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At any point, you seem that your PC is not recognizing the Zebra printer? Or you face printer related problem because your Zebra printer won't print or responding properly. Then don’t get depressed, might be some setting, is not finished properly from your side when you configured printer. Thus, it’s necessary to manually setup or configuration again to solve the problem.

Here we will provide you simple step by step process to resolve this problem. So, please follow the mentioned below steps.

Step 1. Reset Power Again

In this step you have to require first, switch OFF the printer by use of the switch, at the back near the power socket. Then wait at least two seconds and then again Switch ON to get back.

Step 2:- Reset your Zebra Printer to Factory Defaults

Here you will need to hold down the single round button on the front panel. After this, the indicator light will begin a flash in the sequence once, then twice, then three times, etc. When it completes the flashes four times, then you have to release it. This process resets the Zebra printer to the default factory setting.

Step 3:- Printer Label Width Calibration

Then, holding down the feed button, when the light flashes five times and after release it. This step will build the Zebra printer to enter label width calibration. This will quickly print a series of widths, receding wider every time; it’s will efforts to detect the size of the label. When the printed width matches the label width, then tap the button once to lock it in.

Step 4: Access All Other Functions or Calibrations

·          Pressing and releasing the green feed button, which will quickly feed a single blank label.

·          Hold down the fed button till, it flashes twice, and then releases it. This step will run an automatic set of calibrations.

 Step 5:- uninstalling and reinstalling Zebra printer

Try to the delete the printer and reinstalled the driver again, and check the printer is working.

Hope, all these steps, or procedure will help you to eradicate this printer issue.

But still, if this problem is persisting, then you can take complete guidance with the proficient technical support experts to quickly and instant fix this problem.

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