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How do I create a Hotmail email address for free?

Hotmail accounts play a vital role in today's world. Not only Hotmail, but any other emailing account is quite a necessity as far as work is concerned.Gone are the days when people used telephonic means of communication to connect with one another. Email is the new thing that the millennials and the Gen-z utilize to connect with each other. Email not only plays a vital role in the work sphere but people across the globe utilise email for a number of things, which is why it is essential to have an email account.

Now if you are interested in associating with Hotmail for creating your email address then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper we are going to have a look at the step by step procedure of creating your own Hotmail Account from scratch. So stay tuned, follow until the end and without any further ado, let us get straight into this.

  1. In order to Create Hotmail Account the users are required to resort to the following step by step guide that is mentioned down under:
  2. First and foremost, take your deice open its browser and type in the following link: https://www.outlook.com/ 
  3. This will navigate you on the Outlook account creation page. The step is mandatory for Hotmail account creation. 
  4. Once you are on the homepage,you are then required to select ‘Create Account’ option. You will spot this option on the top-right corner of the page.
  5. A window will pop up asking you to create a new Microsoft email address. Begin the process by creating a new email address that will consist of @hotmail.com prefix. 
  6. Here, you will get an option to either select Hotmail prefix or the outlook prefix. Select any one as per your choice and preference.
  7. Once this is done, you are then required to formulate a password for your email address that you have just entered above.
  8. If you are interested in getting promotional email from Microsoft then tick the box that reads ‘Send me promotional emails from Microsoft’. 
  9. Click on the next option and proceed further.
  10. On another window that pops up on the page, you are required to fill in the details such as your first and last name.
  11. Enter your country name and date of birth and click on the next option. 
  12. Now you are required to mention your phone number that is required to get a verification code. After entering the detail you are required to hit ‘Send code’ option. 
  13. Once you have received the code, enter it, click on the ‘Next’ option and you are done.

I hope this helps answer How to Create a Hotmail Account? 

You can easily connect with the customer service professionals at Hotmail using the Hotmail customer service number which is readily available on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Through this the users are able to get complete guidance as to what needs to be done in order to create a Hotmail email address for free. 

The customer service and support professionals are available round the clock to provide support and assistance to those who are in need and require some help as far as Hotmail accounts or related services are concerned. 

Getting in touch with the customer service and support professionals is surely going to give you closure as far as your Hotmail account formation is concerned. There are other ways available too that could be utilised if someone wants to connect with the customer service reps at Hotmail.

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