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How do I recover my old Yahoo account?

Many times, we use our account for a long time and could hardly remember our login credentials. You often either lost your password or sometimes your username. What to do in that case? The first thing is to relax; your data and information are still safe, and you will not lose them. Yes, many ways can help you to recover your old yahoo account. So if you are wondering, how do I receiver my old yahoo account? You need not worry; the information below will educate you in this regard and let you know how to recover everything.

  1. Several were to recover the yahoo account
  2. You can recover your yahoo account in many ways. Go through the steps below to recover your yahoo with the help of your registered email id and phone number.
  3. Steps to recover your yahoo account using a registered email id or phone number

At first, go to the link https:login.yahoo.com/forgot. This process will help you to recover your yahoo account with the help of a confirmation code. You must have access to your registered email id and phone number. If you can't do it, you can speak to the live person at yahoo.

  1. So at first, go to the yahoo login page.
  2. Enter your yahoo email address and recovery phone number
  3. Now click on the link; yes, send me a verification code if you don't have a registered email address or Yahoo account recovery phone number; click on the link that I don't have access to.
  4. Now enter your registered email and d or phone number to receive a verification code.
  5. Enter the registered code received on the screen, click on continue
  6. A new window will load up, where you have to select a new password, re-enter it and click on continue

You have successfully recovered your yahoo account now; using the new password; you can now login to your yahoo account anytime

How do I receiver my old yahoo account using recovery options?

  1. At first, go to the yahoo login/sign-in page.
  2. Enter your yahoo email id on the username section, click on the tab NEXT
  3. Now select an option out of all the recovery options lets select Text or Email
  4. Enter a registered email or Yahoo account recovery phone number where you want to recover a text
  5. Now enter the code on the screen, and click on submit
  6. IF the verification code is correct, you will be prompted to create a new password, select continue
  7. Chose a strong password s per guideline, click continue

Now confirm your account recovery stetting. Choose the pencil icon to edit or select Add email or mobile number to add account. In case you don't want to add an email or mobile number, selects the tab LOOKS GOOD

Recover deleted yahoo mail account

  1. To recover your deleted account at first go to https:login.yahoo.com/forgot
  2. In the username section or email/phone number section, enter the registered email address or phone number, click on continue
  3. In case the yahoo account is deleted permanently, you will get to see a message that Sorry, we don't recognize that email address or phone number
  4. If you don't recover your yahoo account within the period, it will be permanently deleted from the yahoo server. Depending on your region, you have 30-180 days to recover your account after it is deleted.
  5. Now, if your account is recoverable, you can enter the registered email id and phone number.
  6. With the help of a verification code, you can recover your account easily

Recover your old yahoo account with a sign-in helper

In case you don't remember your yahoo mail password, you can follow the simple steps below

  1. Go to the https:login.yahoo.com/forgot
  2. Enter the yahoo email address in the email address section and click continue
  3. Select verification code option that is Text or Email
  4. Now enter the verification code received and click on continue to change your password; else, you can click on the tab that is I will secure my account later if you know the password
  5. You can follow the steps above to recover your yahoo account. If you have difficulty recovering the account, you can always contact yahoo customer service to get instant help.

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