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How do I Verify Google Voice With a Virtual Number?

Google Voice is a service through which you can stay stress-free even after changing your number, service provider, company, etc.  Those who are trying to call you, you can share with them with one single number, their call will be diverted to different phones. It makes communication easy for you. You would just need to get yourself registered with Google Voice, and after that, you’ll be given a number by Google which you can share with others. When those people, whom you have shared the number with, will try to call you, their call will be directed to up to 6 phones or other contact channels. 

This is surely an interesting service, especially because it is a free phone number for life. Now if you have questions in your mind, why should you use this service, or how does Google Voice phone verification work,  or any other query of this kind. Then all of that is answered below.  

Why should I use Google Voice?

  1. In today’s world, you think at least twice before sharing your number with anyone. The main reason behind it, for the majority of people, is their privacy. This is where Google Voice plays an important role for all of us. 
  2. You will have a choice in front of you, either to use it for personal use, or for business use. 
  3. Either you are not always in an environment to take a voice call, or you’re not always having time to read a text message. This is where Google voice has brought a phenomenal revolution. You have a choice of either listening to your calls or even reading them because it turns your voice call into a transcript. 
  4. The advantage of a transcript is not only that you can read it, but you can also forward it to others. 
  5. When you’re getting all of these benefits, then the other expectation in your mind must be related to the conference call. Conference calls can be made in Google Voice. You can have a maximum of 4 members connected on a conference call on Google Voice.
  6. You will have the option of choosing the right number for you. So, if you’re a follower of numerology, then you can create your own destiny. 

Conditions for using Google Voice?

  • You cannot transfer your existing phone number to Google Voice. 

How does Google Voice phone verification work?

  1. You need to visit the official website of Google Voice
  2. Go on the sign-up page. 
  3. You would need to enter your location and select the number according to your convenience. 
  4. Once you select the number, you will be asked to enter your phone number (the one which you’re using). You will receive a verification code on that number. 
  5. Enter the verification code and the Google Voice number is yours. 

How do I verify Google Voice with a virtual number?

  1. You can create a virtual number on many online websites. 
  2. Choose any website according to your convenience. 
  3. Once you have selected the website. The procedure is almost similar for most of them. 
  4. After getting your virtual number, open Google Voice’s official website. 
  5. Open the sign-up page. 
  6. Select your location, and the number you want to have for your Google Voice account. 
  7. You will be asked to enter a number for verification. You can now enter the virtual number you have created. 
  8. You will receive a verification code on the virtual number you have created, on the website where you created it. 
  9. Once you enter that verification code. Your verification is done. 
  10. That’s it, you own your Google Voice number forever.

I hope your query regarding the verification of the Google Voice account is sorted. You can now enjoy the privacy of your personal life by unifying all the communication you want to have, or you can take your business to a new level by owning the Google Voice number forever. For further query please contact Google customer service.

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