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How To Check Active Email Address?

Sometimes there are common issues due to which users cannot access their email address for the Email sending & receiving issues with your email ID. Then in those particular cases, you have various options to check your email address is still active or not because if your Email is deactivated, then recovering gets difficult for you. So now, if you want to know how to check active email address or not, you should consider these particular points so that you can quickly get to resolve your query at best.

The following methods can guide you on the best ways to check an active email address or not:

  1. Users can send an email to the address & can check if the message is delivered or not. 
  2. Another method is to perform the password recovery activity to satisfy users with the activation of their email addresses.
  3. The user could take the third step by performing an IP address lookup to verify the email address of the user.
  4. Another major tool that users can use will be the email checker tool through its official website. 
  5. Lastly, you can also search your email address on Google for validation of your account.

How can you tell if an email address is still active?

To check if the email address is still active or not, you can use specific tools designed for it. Now to know about How can you tell if an email address is still activethen for that task, you need to follow up with these tools that are listed below for your reference;

Email Checker: email checker is the most used web tools for confirming the status of an email address. This tool is free of cost & it is quite easy to use. For checking Email, you need to follow these few steps;

  1. First, you visit the www.email-checker.net for utilizing this tool
  2. Now in there, you will enter the email address that you would like to check
  3. At last, you will get complete results on screen related to your email ID.

Mail Tester: mail tester can also be used because it is also a web tool to verify if any problem with your Email exists. Several tests will run on your entered email address. To get this process started, you need to visit the www.mailtester.com website & run it & you get the result for Email related to active or not.

Verify Email: this tool is also the same as other web tools & it requires you to enter the email address & click on the check button. For this tool, you need to visit www.verify-email.org & therein, your Email will get verified appropriately.

How can I check if a Gmail address is valid?

Whenever you send emails, you always want to confirm that the address is legitimate & clients will receive your message conveniently. But to know about How can I check if a Gmail address is valid or not, you can use few steps for your verification as listed below;

  1. Go to the validate email web service website
  2. There type the email address into the email box 
  3. After that, click on the “Invoke” icon, there you will see a new window & the validation is written in internet code 
  4. At last, go through the code if valid click on valid & move on if not, then click on invalid.

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